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At First Class English Academy we take the fundamental principles of education and apply them to today's digital world. Using cutting-edge technology, we're proud to educate tomorrow's leaders.  Because of our experience, we are keenly aware of the individual challenges accompanying learning anything new; especially a new language. Our method varies student by student and class by class. We utilize a varied approach built on compassion, repetition and positive feedback. We thrive on teaching through a "hands-on" approach filled with enthusiasm, fun and laughter.   

Since we are online, we bring the school to you wherever you are. By combining the fantastic power of contemporary technology with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide our students a real opportunity to learn and grow.

All of our teachers are carefully selected and highly qualified native English speaker from America.  To see more information on our teachers, visit the Classrooms page of our website.

Find out how you can be a part of the new world of education today. 


Class Structure

Classes meet once a week for 15 week semesters.  Each grade level is made up of 4 semesters.  Classes focus on Reading, Comprehension, Grammar and Phonics. 

Is it personal?

Yes.  Class size is limited to three students, allowing ample time for student participation and instructor feedback. Each student will also be able to interact with fellow students to further enhance their studies. 

Is it expensive?

No.  Because our overhead is low, we can pass the savings on to you.  

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First Class English Academy

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